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2023-11-13 - Anita Skorgan has today released the CD-box  Rubbel og bit (The Whole Lot) 1973-2001 på ECM. It contains 16 CD's with everything she released from her debut in 1973 until 2001. CD11 contains a version of Geirr Tveitt,s  Velkomne med æra  (Welcome with honour) with Anita Skorgan on piano and Lars Klevstrand on guitar. See New releases for more information.

2023-10-27 - Leif Ove Andsnes has updated his concert list for the autumn 2023 and spring 2024. In addition to the known recitals in Bærum and Trondheim in March, there are scheduled 3 new concerts in Norway in January: One in Hammerfest and two in Haugesund.  Most probably works by Brahms, Chopin Grieg and Tveitt will be performed here. In March and April works by Schubert, Tveitt and Brahms will be performed. He will play Tveitt's  Piano Sonata No. 29, "Sonata etere", op.129!

After the norwegian tour dates Lugano, Amsterdam, Gent, Lyon, Berlin and Vienna is scheduled with the same programme. In relation to the concert in Amsterdam writes about Andsnes and his choice of the less known sonata by Tveitt: "'An advocate for forgotten music - 'A convincing advocate for forgotten music', De Nieuwe Muze called the Norwegian pianist Leif Ove Andsnes. Last season he brought the unknown Poetic tone paintings of Dvořák to the Muziekgebouw. Now the pianist takes with him the only surviving sonata by his compatriot Geirr Tveitt, who died in 1981. Andsnes confidently juxtaposes these notes with Brahms' equally lyrical and sunken Fantasies. The Norwegian composer Geirr Tveitt initially immersed himself in the folk music of Norway. During his studies in Paris with Arthur Honneger and Heitor Villa-Lobos, he came into contact with the French Impressionists and the Groupe des Six. Only twenty-five percent of Tveitt's work survives, the rest went up in smoke in a fire in his studio. The remaining music has so much quality for Andsnes that it is time to make a case for this 'Edvard Grieg of the twentieth century'."
Leif Ove Andsnes: Tour dates spring 2024
Photo: © Helge Hansen/Sony Music Entertainment
The recital dates during winter/spring 2024 where "Sonata etere" will be performed are:

10. januar - Hammerfest
20. januar - Haugesund (utseld)
21. januar - Haugesund (utseld)
07. mars - Bærum (utseld)
09. mars - Trondheim

13. mars - Lugano, Switzerland
15. mars - Amsterdam, Netherlands (few tickets)
 16. mars - Gent, Belgium (few tickets)
18. mars - Lyon, France
20. mars - Berlin, Germany
11. april - Wien, Austria

For concert details see: and for more information, see under Concerts.

2023-10-24 - Leif Ove Andsnes released 13. October the  CD-box set  The Warner Classics Edition 1990-2010. It contains 36 CD's which then was released on EMI Classics and Virgin Classics. The last CD in the box is The long, long winternight (Dan långje långje vettranottæ) which contains 7 of the piano pieces from Fifty Folktunes from Hardanger, Op. 150. See New releases for more information.

2023-10-05 - Sinikka Langeland released 15. September her new CD; Wind and Sun on ECM. The songs have text by today's Nobel Prize  laureate in Litterature; Jon Fosse. Sinikka Langeland has written melodies to 10 of the eleven poems. On A Child who excists  Geirr Tveitt's tune Welcome by Honour  is used. There are two versions of this song on the record. See New releases for more information.

2023-05-22 - Leif Ove Andsnes Will held  concerts at Bærum kulturhus, Sandvika Thursday 7. March and in Logen, Trondheim 9. March 2024. On the repertoire are works by Schubert, Tveitt and Brahms. He will perform Tveitt: Piano Sonata No. 29, "Sonata etere", Op. 129! See more under  Concerts for further information.

2023-05-22 - New release of the album Ivar Medaas: Trubaduren kommer (The Trubadour is arriving). The series Norske Albumklassikere (Norwegian Album Classics) has remastred and released this LP from 1965, for the first time on CD. The album contains 4 songs with melodies by Geirr Tveitt: Fløytelåt, Nissen på Kobbeskjeret, Dyreorkesteret and På Hagarstølen e' godt te gjeta. See New releases for more information.

2023-04-01 - New video from Berlin Classics with Ragnhild Hemsing  where she talks about the Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra, the Hardanger Fiddle and the four selected composers and their works on the new CD BRUCH+TVEITT (duration 4:36):

2023-03-31 - Ragnhild Hemsing's new CD called BRUCH+TVEITT is released today on the label Berlin Classics. Ragnhild plays both the violin and the Hardanger fiddle on this album which contains:. Max Bruch's Violin Concerto in G Minor, Op. 26 (24:23), Johan Svendsen: Romance for Violin and Orchestra, Op. 26; (8:57), Sigurd Lie: Concert Piece for Violin and Orchestra (8:57) and Geirr Tveitt: Hardanger Fiddle Concerto No. 2, "Three Fjords", Op. 252 (19:34). The recording is done together with Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Eivind Aadland. See excerpts from the album in the YouTube video below.

- Espen Eriksen & Gunnar Halle released last year a new instrumental CD called Sangboka (The Songbook). The jazz musicians plays trumpet (Eriksen) and piano (Halle) and have selected 8 songs that was common to most Norwegian people in the last century: "We musicans belong to the last generation that learnt to sing these songs in school. With strong and simple melodies, this music has laid deep tracks in us and forms an important part of our musical expression." See under New releases for more information.

2023-02-27 - Ragnhild Hemsing has released a single from her forthcoming new CD called BRUCH+TVEITT. The single track is taken from Geirr Tveitt's Concerto for Hardanger fiddle and Orchestra, "Three Fjords", Op. 252,  No. 2; Sognefjord. The recording is done together with Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Eivind Aadland. You can listen to the track on a.o. Spotify. On the CD Ragnhild plays both the violin and the Hardanger fiddle. It includes compositions by Max Bruch, Geirr Tveitt, Johan Svendsen and Sigurd Lie. The CD will be launched 31. March on the label Berlin Classics. This is her 3rd CD on this label.

2023-02-24 - Next Saturday, 4. March, the American baritone Gehan A Cooray (Holywood) together with the Norwegian pianist Torgeir Kinne Solsvik (Norheimsund) held concert in Sri Lanka. They will perform a varied repertoire of songs, but Torgeir will as well perform piano works by Geirr Tveitt. See under Concerts for more information.
2023-02-23 - Endre Olsen & Hestehandlarane (the horse-traders) helds three concerts this weekend. Friday 24th they play in Leirvik at Stord, Saturday 25th they have one afternoon concert in Norheimsund and an evening concert in Bergen. They perform songs by the Norwegian trubadour Ivar Medaas, several with melody by himself and others composed by Geirr Tveitt with lyrics by the Norwegian poet Jakob Sande. See Concerts for more information.
2023-01-31 - Håvard Gimse (piano), Frida Fredrikke Waaler Wærvågen (cello) and The Royal Norwegian Navy Band conducted by Bjarte Engeset is celebrating the new Steinway & Sons Grand Piano in Horten church 16. February. At the concert they will perform works by: Frédérik Chopin, Harald Sæverud, Geirr Tveitt, Gabriel Fauré, Francis Poulenc and Sergej Rakhmaninov. The concert concludes with Edvard Grieg's Concerto for Piano- and Orchestra in A-minor. See under Concerts for more information.
2023-01-30 - Hardingtonar 2023 is cancelled. For more information see (only in Norwegian):
2023-01-24 - Håvard Gimse plays at Furu Egg in Sandefjord on Saturday 28. January. He will play works by: Frédérik Chopin, Edvard Grieg, Geirr Tveitt, Jean Sibelius, Franz Schubert, Frederico Mompou and Isaac Albéniz. Håvard Gimse will also be soloist in Geirr Tveitt's Concerto for Piano and Orchestra, No. 1 (1927) with Kristiansand Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Tabita Berglund on Thursday 2. February in Kristiansand. See Concerts for more information.
2023-01-24 - Tord Gustavsen Trio released the LP version of the acclaimed album named "Opening" in mid-December. It, as the CD, contains an instrumental version of Geirr Tveitt's Fløytelåt/The Flute. See under New releases for more information.

2022-11-10 - Update under Concerts; Kristiansand Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Tabita Berglund, plays Concerto for Hardanger Fiddle and Orchestra, No. 2 (1966) on the Thursday concert today 10. November. Soloist is Ragnhild Hemsing. See Concerts for more information.
2022-04-30 - The program for Hardingtonar 2022 is now presented. The festival is extended with one day and  starts with a concert in the Art House Kabuso, Øystese Thursday 9th of June. "With Tveitt and Grieg on the program" is it called and the executants are Njål Sparbo (bass-barytone) and Torgeir Kinne Solsvik (piano). All Geirr Tveitt's 17 Songs to Poems by JM Bruheim will be performed together with Edvard Grieg's  15 Songs to Poems by AO Vinje. Bergen Symphony Orchestra  opens with a piece by Geirr Tveitt on Friday. Saturday and Sunday there are three concerts with  Trondheimssolistene, together with Arne & Carlos, with Silje Nergaard and with Ragnhild Hemsing. See under Concerts for more information.
2022-04-29 - Spring concert by the Oslo University Symphony Orchestra (USO) with music by  August Södermann (Ouverture to the Maid of Orleans), Geirr Tveitt (Excerpts from A Hundred Hardanger Tunes, Op. 151), Johan Svendsen (Romance for Violin and Orchestra, Op. 26) and Antonín Dvořák (Symphony No. 8, Op. 88). Conductor Kjell Seim Stig Nilsson on violin.  Tuesday 31. May at 19:00, at the University Aula, Oslo. See Concerts for more information.
2022-04-28 - Tord Gustavsen Trio released 4th of April a great new album named "Opening". It contains an instrumental version of Geirr Tveitt's Fløytelåt/The Flute. See under New releases for more information.

2022-04-28 - Njål Sparbo released in late 2018 the album "Natt og dag, Norwegian Songs vol. 2". It contains Geirr Tveit's  Nótt ok Dagr (Night and Day) with norse lyrics by Snorri Sturluson. This and the other 21 songs are orchestrated by Sparbo. The album is added to the discograhy, see under Updates for more information.

2022-04-16 - Opening concert of Nortrad folk music conference 17. April at Norwegian Academy of Music, Oslo. Music by Halvorsen (Rhapsodie No. 1) and Tveitt (Telemarkin) performed by the NMH Rehearsal Orchestra. Concert starts at 19:00. See Concerts for more information.
2022-03-22 - Update under Concerts; Kristiansand Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Tabita Berglund, plays a selection of A Hundred Hardanger Tunes at the Thursday concert 24.03. See Concerts for more information.

2021-11-26 - Nine albums added to the Discography, see more at Updates for more information.
2021-11-15 - Updates under Concerts; two concerts with Jæren Symphony Orchestra 20. and 21. November
2021-10-28 - Updates under Concerts, added Performers and Books to beta-version.
2021-10-19 - Today it is 113 years since Geirr Tveitt was born. Under Concerts it is now added two arrangements; Egil Hovland-festivalen 2021, where Nils Henrik Asheim performs  Hundrad Hardingtonar  (A Hundred Hardanger Tunes) arranged for organ in Glemmen Church, Saturday 23. oktober, and the music festival  Hardingtonar  which takes place 10.-12. June 2022.
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