Geirr Tveitt

New releases

Overview of the latest released recordings (CD, LP, EP, single, SACD, Blu-ray, DVD, MP3 etc.) where music of Geirr Tveitt is included.

Anita Skorgan: Rubbel og bit 1973-2001 (16CD - 2023 Norway)

2023 Anita Skorgan: Rubel og bit 1973-2001

Anita Skorgan  released 13. November a box with 16 CD's from the periode 1973 to 2001.   Rubbel og bit (The Whole Lot) 1973-2001 is the title and it contains 14 studioalbums, singles and bonus material. On CD 11 there is a version of Geirr Tveitt's Velkomne med æra  (Welcome with honour) with Anita Skorgan on piano and Lars Klevstrand on guitar. This was recorded in 1994 and was included on Julenatt (Christmas Night) that year. The record came in a revised version in 2000. These are the CD's in the box:

CD 1: Til en venn  (1975) - CD 2: Du er nær meg (1976) - CD 3: Young Girl (1977) - CD 4: Anita Skorgan  (1978) - CD 5: Ingen vei tilbake (1979) - CD 6: Pastell  (1981) - CD 7: Cheek to Cheek (1983) - CD 8: Karma  (1985) - CD 9: White Magic  (1986) - CD10 Basic (1990) - CD11: Julenatt  (1994) - CD 12: Gull  (2001) - CD 13: Julebonuser - CD 14: 70-tallbonuser  - CD 15: 1980-2001 bonuser - CD 16: Anita på svensk - bonuser

11.10 Vélkomne med æra  - Welcome with honour (Geirr Tveitt) - Opus 150, No. 1; (Anita Skorgan, piano and Lars Klevstrand, gitar)
Plying time: 45:59  for CD11 - Total playing time XX:XX:XX for all CD's


Leif Ove Andsnes: The Warner Classics Edition 1990-2010 (36CD - 2023 Germany)

Leif Ove Andsnes: The Warner Classics Edition 1990-2010

Leif Ove Andsnes  released 13. October a box with 36 CD's from the periode 1990 til 2010. The Warner Classics Edition 1990-2010 is the title and it contains the complete recordings he did on EMI Classics and Virgin Classics as the label then was branded. The CD's are not in chronological order, but mainly listed alphabetically after the names of the composers.

CD 1: Bartok - CD 2-3: Brahms (+ Schumann) - CD 4-5: Chopin - CD 6: Dvorak - CD 7-10: Grieg (+ Schumann) - CD 11-12: Haydn - CD 13-14: Janacêk (+ Debussy, Ravel, & Nielsen) - CD 15: Liszt - CD 16-17: Mozart - CD18 Mussorgsky (+ Schumann) - CD19: Nielsen - CD 20-23: Rachmaninov - CD 24-28: Schubert - CD 29-32: Schumann (+ Brahms) - CD 33: Britten - CD 34: Horizons (21 ulike komponistar) - CD 34: Sørensen, Lutoslawski, Kurtag & Dalbavie - CD 36: Grieg, Tveitt, Johansen, Valen & Sæverud. The last CD in the box has the title: The long, long winter night (Dan långje långje vettranåttæ) after Geirr Tveitts Opus 150, No. 37. It includes 7 of the piano pieces from Fifty Folktunes from Hardanger:

10 Vélkomne med æra  - Welcome with honour (Geirr Tveitt) - Opus 150, No. 1;
11 Graott og laott aot ein baot - Tears and laughter for a boat (Geirr Tveitt) - Opus 150, No. 33;
12 Friarføter  - A-wooing (Geirr Tveitt) - Opus 150, No. 3;
13 Dan fagraste viso pao joræ The most beautiful song on earth (Geirr Tveitt) - Opus 150, No. 9;
15 Barnefaren The father of the child (Geirr Tveitt) - Opus 150, No 38;
16 The long, long winternight Dan långje långje vettranåttæ (Geirr Tveitt) - Opus 150, No. 37;
Total playing time: 68:12  for CD36 - Total playing time 38:42:04 for all CD's


Sinikka Langeland: Wind And Sun (CD - 2023 Germany)


On 15. September Sinikka Langeland released her new album Wind and Sun on ECM Records. The lyrics on the album are written by Jon Fosse. Sinikka Langeland has composed the tunes, except track 6 an 10; A Child who exists, where Geirr Tveitt's tune Welcome by Honour (Velkomne med æra) is used. The songs has english titles, but are sung in Norwegian. A Child who exists is the poem Eit barn som finst. Wind and Sun on track 2 is instrumental, while lyrics are included on track 11.

On the album Sinikka Langeland sings and plays Kantele (5-string, 15-string and 39 string versions) and Jew's harp (metal and wood versions), Trygve Seim plays Tenor Saxophone and Soprano Saxophone, Mathias Eick plays trumpet, Mats Eilertsen plays double bass and Thomas Strønen plays drums. The album was recorded June 2022 at Rainbow Studios in Oslo and mixed at Bavaria Musikstudios in Munich. Produced by Guiso Goma. Recording engineer Martin Abrahamsen. Photo by Dag Alveng and design by Sascha Kleis.

1 Row my Ocean (Jon Fosse/Sinikka Langeland) - Ro mitt hav;
2 Wind and Sun (instrumental) (Sinikka Langeland) - Vind og sol;
3 It Walks and Walks (Jon Fosse/Sinikka Langeland) - Det går og går;
4 When the Heart is the Moon (Jon Fosse/Sinikka Langeland) - Når hjartet er ein måne;
5 Hands that helds (Jon Fosse/Sinikka Langeland) - Hender som held;
6 A Child who exists (Jon Fosse/Geirr Tveitt/Sinikka Langeland) - Eit barn som finst;
7 A Window tells (Jon Fosse/Sinikka Langeland) - Eit vindauge fortel;
8 The Love (Jon Fosse/Sinikka Langeland) - Den kjærleik;
9 Wind Song (Jon Fosse/Sinikka Langeland) - Vindsong;
10 A Child who exist (var.) (Jon Fosse/Geirr Tveitt/Sinikka Langeland) - Eit barn som finst;
11 Wind and Sun (Jon Fosse/Sinikka Langeland) - Vind og sol;
12 You hear my Heart come (Jon Fosse/Sinikka Langeland) - Høyrer du hjarte mitt kome
Total playing time: 65:39


Ivar Medaas: Trubaduren kommer (CD - 2023 Norway)

Ivar Medaas released in the beginning of 1965 the LP Trubaduren kommer (The Trubadour is arriving). This was his first LP as solo artist som soloartist, but had together with his wife Kari released the LPen: Holiday in Norway/Come and dance with us as Vestlandsduoen (The duo from the Western Norway). Befor these LP's Vestlandsduen and him alone had recorded several singles and one EP together with Geirr Tveitt. This April the album was released on CD for the first time. The series Norske Albumklassikere (Norwegian Album Classics) has remastred the album. Geirr Tveitt has composed 4 of the songs and plays piano on the two last tracks. Those are taken from the EP Old Norwegian Folktunes (1961). The other songs were recorded in February 1965:

1 Veslesyster ondolat er død (Cornelis Vreeswijk);
2 Den arge bonden (Bjarne Amdahl/Alf Prøysen);
3 Sov mitt barn (Idar Medaas/Arnljot Eggen);
4 Lord Lovel (Hartvig Kiran);
5 Spørsmål (Ivar Medaas/Ivar Ringdal);
6 Laustausa Karoline (Petter Tjelle);
7 Vinden si vise (Vidar Medaas/Oddvar Eika);
8 Gunda (Vise frå verklegheita) (Ivar Medaas/Vidar Sandbeck);
9 Fløytelåt (Geirr Tveitt/Jakob Sande);
10  Nissen på Kobbeskjeret (Geirr Tveitt/Jakob Sande);
11  Dyreorkesteret (Geirr Tveitt/Jakob Sande);
12  På Hagarstølen er godt te gjeta (Geirr Tveitt/Jakob Sande);
Total playing time: 27:18


Ragnhild Hemsing: BRUCH+TVEITT (CD - 2023 Germany)

Ragnhild Hemsing, together with Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Eivind Aadland, has 31th of March 2023 released the album BRUCH+TVEITT. Ragnhild plays both the violin and the Hardanger fiddle as the cover indicate. The works on the album are:

Max Bruch: Violin Concerto in G Minor, Op. 26 (24:23),
1. No. 1 Introduktion. Allegro moderato (8:18),
2. No. 2 Adagio (8:24),
3. No. 3 Finale. Allegro energico (7:39)

Johan Svendsen: Romance for Violin and Orchestra, Op. 26;
4. Romance for Violin and Orchestra (8:57)

Sigurd Lie: Concert Piece for Violin and Orchestra,
5. Concert Piece "Huldra Aa'n Elland" for Violin and Orchestra (8:57),

Geirr Tveitt: Hardanger Fiddle Concerto No. 2, "Three Fjords", Op. 252 (19:34).
6. No.1 Hardangerfjord: Tempo tranquillo e decisio (4:59),
7. No. 2 Sognefjord: Mest maestoso - Danza determinale e lenta - Tempo 1 (5:00)
8. No. 3 Nordfjord: Giocoso (9:45)

Total playing time: 61:14


Tord Gustavsen Trio: Opening (CD - 2022 Germany)

Tord Gustavsen Trio, with Tord Gustavsen on piano, Steinar Raknes on bass and Jarle Vespestad on drums, released the album Opening in the beginning of April. It is published on the renowned label ECM and is produced by Manfred Eicher. The record contains an instrumental version of Geirr Tveitt's Fløytelåt. The melody was written to Jakob Sande's poem with the same title. The norwegian composer Egil Hovland is represented with "Vær sterk, min sjel" (Be strong, my soul). The other tracks are written by Tord Gustavsen, except Findings/Visa från Rättvik" (trad.).

"Tord Gustavsens piano is singing, and it is this song that elevates the music on his new trio album."

"... Then there is "Fløytelåt/The Flute", which is written by Geirr Tveitt. This is a composition Gustavsen can fill with his own, with Vespestad and Raknes with supporting, dynamic beats."

Arild R. Andersen in review of Opening in Aftenposten 16. april 2022. (Character 5/6)

Espen Eriksen & Gunnar Halle: Sangboka (CD - 2022 Noreg)

Espen Eriksen & Gunnar Halle released last year a new instrumental CD called Sangboka (The Songbook). The jazz musicians plays trumpet (Eriksen) and piano (Halle) and have selected 8 songs that was common to most Norwegian people in the last century: "We musicans belong to the last generation that learnt to sing these songs in school. With strong and simple melodies, this music has laid deep tracks in us and forms an important part of our musical expression" they write on the inner cover. The 8 songs on the album are:

1. Mellom bakkar og berg (Ludvig M. Lindemann); 
2. Uti vår hage (Trad.); 
3. Byssan lull (Trad); 
4. Vi skal ikkje sova bort sumarnatta (Geirr Tveitt); 
5. Ola Glomstulen (Trad.); 
6. Bind deg ein blomekrans (Trad.) 
7. Jeg er havren (Aksel Agerby); 
8. Blant alle lande (Hans Matthison-Hansen)


" Lovely about our own songbook ... The songbook is an excellent example of how a national treasures should be preserved and continued. Espen Eriksen and Gunnar Halle tell us that they are capable of in a very great way."

Tor Hammerø in review of Sangboka in Nettavisen 18. februar 2022. (Karakter 5/6)

"There is something about songs you've had with you for life. And it's great when they come back to life.
...In addition, it is nice that there is room for more favorites. The list of songs is like a hit list from several decades. The best thing about the record is that it is done at a consistent high level. There are no easy solutions. It's jazz, and there may be opinions about that, but this is so pleased, encouraging and relaxed that you should give it a chance. Eight songs is just a sufficient duration for this album."

Alf-Einar Kvalavåg in review of Sangboka in Tysvær Bygdeblad 16. februar 2022. (Karakter 5/6)

"Tradition has no own value as long as it is not cultivated ...Sangboka s dedicated to eight songs in a benevolent way, in a floating duel with acoustic instruments, supplemented by annotating effects. Large reverb expands the space, electronics and live sampling provide a discrete exterior. Eriksen refers to Jan Johansson's idiom of folk-jazz's simplicity, but also makes his way over to blues and ornamental modern jazz. Halle leads a velvet soft, bound tone in the middle vocal register, selective virtuoso but over-the-top narrative. A songbook with cheerful nostalgia"

Ralf Dombrowski in review of Sangboka in Jazz thing 142 ( 28. februar 2022.

Christian Grøvlen: Eventyr (SACD - 2021 Norway)

The new SACD recording from pianist Christian Grøvlen, called Eventyr (Adventure Fairy-tale) contains a world premiere recording of the tone poem for piano called; Eolsharpa (Aeolian harp). This version is based on the musical notation from 1946. This version is slightly different and longer (16:06) than the one Geirr Tveitt plays himself in 1949, released on the album named: Geirr Tveitt plays Geirr Tveitt (08:37) in 1994. In addition to Eolsharpa, Grøvlen plays Christian Sinding: Sonata, op. 91, Alf Hurum: Wonderland, op. 16 and Edvard Grieg: Ballad, Op. 24. The album is released on the well-reputed label 2L.

" Well worth the record alone"

Olav Egil Aune about Eolsharpa in review of Eventyr, Vårt Land 12. June 2021

Other new and interesting releases with Tveitt music included:

Lina Adolphson: Jag vill leva varsamt- tankar, toner och bilder om det angelägna.(2021, Sweden)

Book + USB-memory stick wth music in MP3 and WAV format. Contains 43 songs, amongst other a redording of
Vi ska inte sova bort sommarnatten (We shall not sleep away the summer night, text: Aslaug Låstad Lygre, in swedish translation (1969) by Susanne Löwenhard). This version was first released on the CD + Book: Fridlyst, which Lina and the band Kafé Lyst released in 2010.

Aleksandra Soboni Wakarecy: Nordic Light (2020, Poland)

This CD from Poland contains a version of Velkomne med æra (Velcome with honour), Op. 150,No. 1, in addition to other piano works by Norwegian composers Edvard Grieg, Halfdan Kjerulf, Agathe Backer Grøndahl, David Monrad Johansen and Harald Sæverud.

Helene Bøksle: Min musikalske historie - 2006-2019 (My musical story- 2006-2019) (2020 2006-2019

Not released on CD, only available as MP3 download or streaming, This compilation album contains a version of   Vi skal ikkje sova bort sumarnatta (We shall not sleep away the.summer night). This is the same recording as the one on the MP3 (EP) album Ved havet  from 2017. 

Tora Augestad: Dialogues  (2019, Norway)

This double-CD contains a redording of  Mjukt skjer åra (Softly the oars cut, text: Aslaug Låstad Lygre), op. 246, No. 4.  One CD is called Day and the other Night. Mjukt skjer åra is on the Night-CD and Trygve Brøske accompany Tora on the piano.

John Damgaard: Encores II - 14 klaverstykke tilegnet det drømmende menneske (2019, Denmark)

This recording includes a version  Velkomne med æra (Welcome by honour), op. 151, nr. 1:

Latest releases that includes mainly or in whole music of Geirr Tveitt:

Nils Henrik Asheim: Edvard Grieg - Ballade/Geirr Tveitt - Hundrad Hardingtonar (2018, Norway)

A selection of 18 pieces from  Hundrad Hardingtonar, (A Hundred Hardanger Tunes) Op. 151, Suite, 1, 2, 4 and 5, is arranged for organ by the composer and organist Nils Henrik Asheim. He plays himself on this record on the new Rye og Berg organ in the Stavanger Concert Hall.

Slagr & Camilla Granlien: Songs by Geirr Tveitt (2013, Norway)

This record contains songs with text by Olav H. Hauge, Aslaug Låstad Lygre, Aslaug Vaa, Jakob Sande, Herman Wildenvey and Alf Prøysen in new arrangements by the instrumental group Slagr; Anne Hytta (Hardanger fiddle), Amund Sjølie Sveen (vibraphone, tuned glass) and Sigrun Eng (cello). Cammila Granlien sings on 6 of the songs, while 4 of them are arranged as instrumentals.

Fragaria Vesca: Geirr Tveitt - From a Travel Diary (2018, Norway)

Premiere recording of Frå ei reisedagbok (From a Travel Diary), Husguden (the House God), Op. 184, Septett  (Septet) and  Jonsokkvelden  (Midsummer Eve) for Chamber Orchestra. Fragaria Vesca, lead by Tor Johan Bøen (violin), excist of Yi Yang (violin), Benédicte Royer (viola) og Johannes Martens (cello) who performs Frå ei reisedagbok. In addition: Cecilie Løken (flute), Christian Mortensen (double bass), Johanna Nousiainen (harp), Rune Bredal (French horn) og Steffen Blindheim (oboe/cor anglai ) contribute on the other works,

Torgeir Kinne Solsvik, Ørjan Hartveit: Geirr Tveitt - Piano Works and Songs (2010, Norway)

This record contains one part with piano works and one with songs by Geirr Tveitt. The 12 tvorøystige invensjonar (12 Two-part inventions) and the 2 Three- and Four-part inventions that exists today is included. Similar for Tull til Tullemor (Lullaby for Tullemor). The record contains premier recordings of Vaorkvedja (Sopring Poem) and 2 songs with text by Aslaug Låstad Lygre and 2 with text by Olav H. Hauge. All of the 8 songs of Hauge are included, and 5 of Låstad Lygre.